As it turned out I won in 2 categories – Industrial/Architecture and Travel / Landscapes
I know tho the whole selection process was a bit strange, the learning process I went thru as i was preparing the images was honestly very enriching. It helped me gain an understanding of composition and the interactions of the highlights and shadows within the picture to generate a complete image.
Honestly on hindsight, I did not know what the hell I was doing or thinking when I took these pictures, or 99% of the pictures I’ve taken in the past. Most of the framing and decision was subconscious. But I feel as I grow in the art, it becomes necessary to understand the mechanics that’s hidden the psyche to be able to craft pictures and scenes that mere subconscious instincts cannot.
I thank you Ryan and William Ng for your kind mentorship and assistance. Without which, I would still be wallowing somewhere in the mud.. =)

Winning picture in the Industrial / Architecture category. Taken in Prague, Czech Republic.

Winning picture in the Travel / Landscape Category. Taken in Cana, Israel.

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