Epson 11880 viewing lights hack

Here's a slight modification I made to my Epson 11880 LFP a couple of months ago to allow me to view what's being printed a little bit better.

It's basically the inexpensive Ikea Ledberg lights stuck to the inside of the front cover.
Due to the size of the 11880, I needed 2 packs of the lights, which gave me a total of 6 strips, covering a length of 1.5m.



It's very good for spotting printing errors or flaking early in the printing stage. Those of you who print large pieces from rolls would know what I mean. Too many times have I spotted printing problems only after the problem area exits the printer from below the front cover. With this I've been able to save quite a bit of paper and ink from being wasted cuz I'm able to kill the print the moment I spot a problem.

MPA aftermath

Sometimes I ask myself am I on a regressive track? Cuz it seems like the more I learn, the less I feel I know, and eventually I'll get overwhelmed by the sheer realization that there's so much more to learn. I feel so small...
Today marks the end of my MPA qualifications and I'm so fortunate to be awarded a double promotion to become an Associate of the Master Photographer Association in the category of architectural photography.
The whole MPA concept and lifestyle feels so.. I dunno.. new? I was never a part of an association, much less a professional one. And these few weeks past, during the preparations for the exams really opened my eye to so many more aspects of photography that I somehow had been blind to all these years.
As of this moment I'm deeply intrigued by the complexities and the principles that lies behind the print, an area I have very much neglected in my photography before. Somehow things just start happening in a way that it all just fits together to allow me the opportunity to explore the art of creating the print..
I'm very very grateful to everyone who made it possible. thank you. you know who you are. =)

MPA Print Competition

As it turned out I won in 2 categories - Industrial/Architecture and Travel / Landscapes
I know tho the whole selection process was a bit strange, the learning process I went thru as i was preparing the images was honestly very enriching. It helped me gain an understanding of composition and the interactions of the highlights and shadows within the picture to generate a complete image.
Honestly on hindsight, I did not know what the hell I was doing or thinking when I took these pictures, or 99% of the pictures I've taken in the past. Most of the framing and decision was subconscious. But I feel as I grow in the art, it becomes necessary to understand the mechanics that's hidden the psyche to be able to craft pictures and scenes that mere subconscious instincts cannot.
I thank you Ryan and William Ng for your kind mentorship and assistance. Without which, I would still be wallowing somewhere in the mud.. =)

Winning picture in the Industrial / Architecture category. Taken in Prague, Czech Republic.

Winning picture in the Travel / Landscape Category. Taken in Cana, Israel.