Epson 11880 viewing lights hack

Here’s a slight modification I made to my Epson 11880 LFP a couple of months ago to allow me to view what’s being printed a little bit better.

It’s basically the inexpensive Ikea Ledberg lights stuck to the inside of the front cover.
Due to the size of the 11880, I needed 2 packs of the lights, which gave me a total of 6 strips, covering a length of 1.5m.



It’s very good for spotting printing errors or flaking early in the printing stage. Those of you who print large pieces from rolls would know what I mean. Too many times have I spotted printing problems only after the problem area exits the printer from below the front cover. With this I’ve been able to save quite a bit of paper and ink from being wasted cuz I’m able to kill the print the moment I spot a problem.


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