Giclee printing

It aint easy but it’s really friggin rewarding.

I used to have the (stupid) mentality that nowadays, digital photographs are supposed to just remain in the computer or the personal web gallery, to be shown to people from a laptop or desktop screen somewhere. For years I have carried on in my photography with this mindset and until now, I didnt realize how much I have missed.

The PRINT is an essential step, an intrinsically crucial part of photography. It’s the final piece that brings completion to photography. when we take pictures, it’s ultimately to get it printed. There’s no famous photographer in the world who doesnt print his images. There’s no self respecting photographer in the world who doesnt print his images. The PRINT is the reason why we photograph.

More than once I’ve been told by mentors that when taking a photograph, releasing the shutter only accounts for (using artistic aga-ration,) 25% of the work done. the rest of the 75% is getting that picture onto the print medium the way your vision dictates it to be.

Some time last year, it seems, that I was finally ready to walk the path of producing the print. of course I dabbled in photo printing in the past, which I will mention later, but this was different. having experiences plentiful in both areas of photography and advance digital imaging, I felt that I was finally prepared. This was the real deal. things and events slowly and miraculously started falling together and now I’m the printmaker of a fineart production outfit called Lateral Imaging x Vue prints, completely dedicated to producing the finest giclees on the finest paper and mediums for photographers and artists alike.

But things doesnt stop here. instead, it’s just the beginning. >8D

Taken some time back when the printer just arrived:

An epson stylus pro 11880 ultrachrome k3 large format printer!!!!!! – The finest fineart printer in the world!!! And it’s the ONLY ONE operating outside epson offices in the entire South East Asia (serial number xxx369)! w00t!

But that being said, it aint easy to use. i still remember the countless hours spent at epson center, tinkering, experimenting with profiles and exploring the characteristics of this new monster machine.

It’s funny when I recall the days that me and triston and bunch spent on a epson4800 that kept rejecting sheet after sheet of german etching paper, and the frustration of trying to get the correct profile either for the driver or a RIP just to get the printout we desired for our exhibition. It’s been almost 3 years since then already… o_O”

But that’s all in the past now. Luckily for me the 11880 is much more reliable in terms of paper handling and print output consistancy.

Currently we’re carrying and supporting the hahnemuehle range of fineart digital media. It’s not cheap. Actually honestly it’s friggin expensive to a normal layperson. But it’s the best I’ve tested, and we’re committed to offerering the best to people who’re passionate about their work and art, so yea.

Soon we’ll have a gallery up too! Bwaahahahahahaha I’m so excited. hehx.


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